Application Process

There are two ways to be referred to YAVP. If a person is a client of the Department of Mental Health (DMH), a referral application must be completed and sent to Lori Myles, Child/Adolescent Program Manager, at the Northeast Area Office. Lori Myles can be reached to answer questions about a client's application at (978) 863-5075. Tours can be arranged before and or after a formal referral is sent and approved by Lori Myles.

Lori Myles, LMHC, Department of Mental Health                                        Phone: (978) 863-5075
Program Manager                                                                                        Fax (978) 863-5091
Northeast Area Office 
365 East St.
P.O. Box 387

Tewksbury, MA 01876-038

If a person is not a client of the Department of Mental Health , he/she will have to become a client of DMH in order to become a member of YAVP. In order to become a client of DMH, an eligibility application for mental health services must be filled out. To request an eligibility application, please call 781-641-8100. Once the application has been completed and sent to the Department of Mental Health, the client may attend the Young Adult Vocational Program for 60 days upon the approval of Lori Myles, Child/Adolescent Supervisor.

Referral Form

Peer Mentoring Project

When applying for the Peer Mentoring Project any young adult in need may apply by downloading the Peer Mentoring Project Intake / Medication form (have it available as a PDF file to download ) and forwarding via fax to 781-643-8056 or set up an appointment with our Peer Mentor’s by calling 781-643-5093. Please note * you do not need to be a client of DMH Services in order to apply.

Intake form part 1
Intake form part 2
Medication form